Bedlam bay community garden event 30/3 + Coulter St upgrade + Chamber of Commerce survey + Heritage Walking Trail booklets!

Hi everyone,

Thank you and well done to everyone who was able to find time to make any submissions on the Planning Proposal to Hunters Hill Council’s Local Environmental Plan which would dramatically increase the number of flats over the Gladesville Shopping ‘Village’ (from 180 to 280), as well as the Flagstaff Street boarding house DA, and the three DA’s on Victoria Road. They all came in so quickly after each other!

It’s nice to be able to share some GOOD news and events with you, in this update!

Bedlam Bay Community Garden – Planting day and social event (drinks) Friday 30th March 2018

There is a community garden which has been established at Bedlam Bay in the grounds of Gladesville hospital, by a group of volunteers known as the Happy Hens (clever acronym by/for Helen, Emma and Nicole) who have established the garden. They welcome everyone to join them on Friday 30th (Good Friday afternoon) from 2pm – 4pm to do some gardening stuff (get your hands dirty) if you’d like, with drinks starting at about 4pm. It’s pretty casual, turn up and say hi to Helen, Emma, and Nicole and meet other interested people. Gardening isn’t mandatory. The social side seems to be the focus – at least for the Friday event!

If you’re on Facebook you can find out more about the garden, and their event “Planting Day and Chickie Egg Surprise” at

If you’re not on facebook, please refer to the image header of this email for the location, red box marks the spot, down below the cricket field / soccer training ovals – the terraced area of the hospital.

If you’d like more info on their easter egg hunt, or Friday’s get together, or the garden – you can message them through their facebook page or email them at

Well done to the Hens!

Coulter Street Upgrade and Public Art Project – including survey for your say

City of Ryde Council is currently undergoing consultation (where people are invited to give their opinions) ahead of the Coulter Street upgrade, to make a more pedestrian-friendly and attractive connection between Trim Place and the Coulter Street Car Park (bound also by Linsley Street and Western Crescent). There’s information about the initiative, the concept plan, and there’s a survey you’re invited to complete.

Investing in Gladesville to remain a functional and pleasant place to be – a great initiative!

Chamber of Commerce survey

Noting that trading conditions are challenging and wanting to do what they can to help, the Chamber of Commerce is looking for input. You will note that it is focussed on business, which makes sense – given that it’s from the Chamber. Please do take a moment to give your input to this initiative also, it’s not only for business owners / operators.

Successful business and a vibrant suburb go hand in hand. Whether you’re in business in Gladesville, or a resident or visitor, it’s in all of our interests that business succeed. We have it on good authority from the survey author, they DO want your input – including residents!

Please note: Gladesville Community Group has never opposed the rejuvenation of Gladesville. We’ve just objected to overdevelopment, poor quality development, and development without proper planning and investment to mitigate adverse impacts. ‘Do it properly’ is all we’ve asked, since 2013.

Heritage Walking Trail Booklets

Another great initiative from City of Ryde Council with the production of the Heritage Walking Trail booklets. There are two – one for Ryde and one for Gladesville, and they are downloadable from the website at the link below.

It’s nice to see that the Gladesville booklet treats Gladesville as a suburb not as a boundary. It does include sites within the Local Government Area (LGA) of Hunters Hill Council.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone, and we hope you can make it to the Bedlam Bay Community Garden on Friday afternoon to meet the Happy Hens – Helen, Emma and Nicole!!