Presentation given by Architectus at last Tuesday’s meeting, and Hunters Hill Trust report

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached the presentation given by Architectus last Tuesday, and the Hunters Hill Trust’s report on the information meeting.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made a submission. Architectus recognised 277 submissions, of which only 6 were supportive.

We appreciate the excellent work undertaken by Architectus, and are pleased that they have recommended withdrawal of the DA by the applicant – though this may not occur.

Please note that this is not the end of the matter. Whilst we count Architectus’ recommendation of withdrawal as a great result at this stage, we must expect the developer to keep trying to get their DA through so we must continue to stand up for the long-term interests of Gladesville. We want a quality development. We need Hunters Hill Council to adopt a Development Control Plan that will safeguard the interests of the community, and apply Heritage protection in accordance with community expectations.

We thank the Hunters Hill Trust, who have campaigned on matters of local significance since 1968. The expert analysis contained in their submission regarding the GSV DA was a source of great comfort to many of us, knowing that people with the knowledge, passion, and generousity were dedicating their time and applying their expertise to preserving the future of our suburbs. If you haven’t yet joined the Hunters Hill Trust, please consider doing so.