Amalgamation / Fit for the Future + 7 Pittwater Rd + 10 Cowell St

Fit for the Future / Amalgamation

Please click here to complete our survey on Councils’ consultation process, ahead of their submission on “Fit for the Future” – the state government initiative for reform of local government.

The agreed notes of the previous meeting between the Save Hunters Hill Municipality Coalition, and senior representatives of Council (including the Mayor and General Manager) are available here. We understand that Councillors have received legal advice but no General Meeting to deal with the instruments for disposal to the developer has yet been called – which is a source of great disappointment.

7 Pittwater Rd Gladesville

Members associated with the Gladesville Community Group have, to the best of their abilities kept an eye out on other DA applications across Gladesville and where possible actively participated in proceedings.  On particular example is the DA at 7 Pittwater Road where members have made submissions & presentations to Hunters Hill Council as well as the Land & Environment Court in relation to this matter.

Those involved are not against the development especially those which add value and vibrancy to the community, however we are greatly concerned with DAs which do not meet or flaunt the requirements of the Hunters Hill Council LEP and DCPs.

The DA at 7 Pittwater Road has been running since March 2014. The DA has had a number of revisions and from the last we heard the DA has not been approved by the HHC or the L&E court. As of June 2015 we believe the applicant has another opportunity to submit an amended DA for the site.

There have been a number of issues with the DAs at this site especially in relation to failing to meet requirements outlined under the Hunters’ Hill Council LEP & DCP including boundary setbacks, FSR limits, providing the sufficient deep soil and landscaping area required for the size of this site to name just a few of the issues.  A submission made in relation to this matter is available (available here).

Members will continue to monitor the progress of this DA & to the best of their ability and participate in proceedings where possible so as to assist in promoting DAs that meet the requirements outlined by the LEP/DCP and building standards of Australia.

10 Cowell Street – heritage listing (for the building)

Some good news, as reported in the Daily Telegraph, by Matthew Connellan of the Northern District Times, here.

At the Council meeting on Tuesday 9th June, Hunters Hill Council resolved to approve heritage listing the building – being the timber cottage at 10 Cowell Street. This may be  expected to provide protection for the structure, but not necessarily retain it in-situ. It is a victory for those who’ve worked so hard to get this issue back on Council’s agenda, since 2012 when Council resolved neither to list it as a heritage item in the Local Environment Plan, nor to classify at as not worthy of listing.

During the 3-year period of uncertainty, Council has signed option instruments for the owner of the Gladesville Shopping Village to acquire the property at their will, and use in their proposed redevelopment (last concept exhibited included a tower standing 26 storeys over Gladesville).

The listing is late but very welcome and we thank the supporters for their efforts, including representatives of the Hunters Hill Trust, the Save Hunters Hill Municipality Coalition, the Ryde – Hunters Hill Flora and Fauna Preservation Society, and numerous individuals who’ve made presentations to Council or given their time and moral support to the cause.


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