Gladesville Community Group (Inc) is an incorporated association, made up of a small number of local residents who focus on development, and the management of Gladesville by City of Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils. You can learn more about us here.

The posts on this website are the emails that we have sent to our subscribers.

Our intention has always been to try to inform and educate people like us, interested people who live busy lives and would like to have their say, but will not have time to research every issue on their own. We hope to help people remain engaged. We do not claim to represent people. We have not sought to build a membership. We simply offer information to our subscribers/readers and encourage them to have their say.

The Committee members are volunteers who try to understand Development Applications and other events, including Planning Proposals, and share what we learn – so that others can also participate.

Our focus is on providing information, including that which our subscribers otherwise probably won’t be given, to help them understand what is going on, and to participate in the planning and approval process as much as they can. We do not control the level of development that is occurring in Gladesville, and we share concerns with many locals about the extent of that development. We also have concerns about  whether Gladesville is being properly managed because of the problems of it being split across the two municipalities – City of Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils.

The Local Environmental Plans (LEP’s) of both City of Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils permit 5-6 storey development along most of both sides of Victoria Rd through Gladesville. We have been disappointed at the lack of planning for assets and infrastructure, provision of services, or other efforts made to mitigate the adverse impacts that will arise from the development along the Victoria Rd corridor.

We appreciate that Hunters Hill Councillors Zac Miles and Ross Williams jointly moved a motion to have a Master Plan developed for Gladesville, at the Hunter Hill Council meeting held 12th March 2018. After discussion, the motion was resolved unanimously. This is the first initiative since the 2005 Master Plan for Gladesville (which was jointly developed by City of Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils). This new Master Plan will look at and may revise the planning instruments and controls that apply to Gladesville – to the municipal boundary instead of just focusing on the GS’V’ site. This Master Plan will be undertaken with a view to ensuring that the suburb remains functional (as best possible) after this impending wave of development. We believe that Gladesville should have received this attention long ago, and we are grateful to Councillors Miles and Williams for their motion and long overdue attention to Gladesville. Better late than never.