GSV Planning Proposal + RSL Youth Club

Hunters Hill Council’s first actions regarding Planning Proposal make Gladesville Shopping ‘Village’ 16 storeys high (allowing 250 units)
+ Gladesville RSL Youth Club DA
+ 230 Victoria Rd DA


Hi Everyone,

Gladesville Shopping Village update – Planning Proposal 16 storeys

At tonight (Tuesday’s) meeting Hunters Hill Council will consider the Planning Proposal from the owner of Gladesville Shopping Village, seeking a spot amendment to the Local Environmental Plan to allow them to build up to 58m (16 storeys), and increase the floor-space-ratio (FSR, which is a measure of bulk because it is the ratio of how much area a building can create, expressed as a multiple of the site footprint at ground level) from 2.3 and 2.7 at different points of the site, to 3.4 across the entire site.

The development site now includes the ‘at-grade’ car park at 4-6 Cowell St, and the timber cottage at 10 Cowell St, after the developer exercised its Option to acquire these properties from the public, settling 4th April 2016. 10 Cowell St only recently received its heritage listing after Hunters Hill finally concluded in 2015, the process of heritage listing public properties which commenced in 2012. 10 Cowell Street’s heritage listing was deferred in 2012, and when its heritage listing was included in the amendments to the Local Environmental Plan made in 2015, the curtilage was specifically excluded – despite the resolution of Council not directing such a limit to the listing, and Council not excluding curtilage on ANY other heritage listing.

Pages 19 – 78 of the Council’s business papers for the meeting on Tuesday 29th March deal with the Planning Proposal hereĀ

The short version is that the recommendation, for Councillors to vote on, is to either i) not support the applicant’s Planning Proposal, or ii) wait for the applicant to give more information before Council decide what it thinks of the Planning Proposal.

We expect to be able to bring your more information about this Planning Proposal and Hunters Hill Council over coming weeks and months.

Gladesville RSL Youth Club redevelopment

After the previous attempt to jointly develop the Coulter St car park and Youth Club sites owned by Ryde Council and Gladesville RSL (respectively) was deferred and not resurrected, Gladesville RSL is redeveloping the Youth Club site as a stand-alone project.

From our observation, the seniors living facility above an improved youth club (providing training facilities for gymnastics, martial arts, etc) appears to be quite a responsible and community-friendly development (FOR THE HEIGHT AND SIZE). Gladesville RSL has engaged in public exhibition sessions and a number of expected community concerns (vehicular access, congestion, parking, shadowing, bulk of the built form, etc) seem to have been considered in planning the development for the site.

The site is zoned by Council planning instruments to allow a 33m high building, so although the size may be of concern to many we do not expect it to prohibit approval from the consent authority – the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP). It is not that we do not sympathise with concerns about height and scale, but from what we learned in 2013 after the GSV DA was lodged we do not expect community responses to limit approval of a development to a constraint below the LEP entitlement. To date, a number of submissions have been made, primarily focussing on pedestrian safety during construction.

To add your voice make your submission here: