Victoria Rd DA’s (submissions due Friday) + Info meeting quick update

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the meeting at Hunters Hill Council last night. We estimate ~150 people came to find out about the Planning Proposal. The sentiment from the meeting was strongly against irresponsible over-development, acknowledging that the development impacting Gladesville is cumulative across both Councils who are each managing their own side of Victoria Rd.

Which brings us to the most urgent issue, being the 3 x DA’s on Victoria Rd for exhibition closing this Friday.

We will come back to the GSV Planning Proposal in coming days to give you more information, but below is the best info that we are able to provide about the 3 x DA’s for which submissions should be made to Council by this Friday 2nd March 2018. Thanks to Gladesville Community Group committee member Richard for his review of the DA’s – and the highlights he was able to identify.

We hope that below is useful to you if you are able to lodge a submissions with your concerns/comments/ other regarding these DA’s, to Hunters Hill Council by THIS FRIDAY Friday 2nd March 2018. Please send separate emails or make separate submissions, so they can be considered specific to each DA to be assessed, to

Please excuse if there are any errors in below, we are amateurs (like most of you) and have had to review these quickly.

DA 20171197 (Gladesville Arcade site)

  1. LEP: Breach of FSR and LEP. The FSR that this DA is seeking is 2.82 vs 2.5 under the LEP. Height at the back of the building facing Massey Lane is proposed to be19m vs 16m as required under the LEP. There is a distinct lack of any justifiable reasonto overdevelop this site.
  2. Traffic Report: No traffic Report has been submitted for this DA, yet envisages the use of Massey Lane as the main access point to the car park.
  3. Car Space: lack of sufficient car spaces and its unclear how retail center will be supported if the council car park at GSV was unavailable.
  4. Amenity: it’s unclear how the existing infrastructure will support the increased population especially the cumulative impact of the other proposed DA.

DA 20171199 (BWS site)

  1. LEP: Breach of FSR and LEP. The FSR that this DA is seeking is 3.31 vs 2.5 under the LEP and the south-west corner of the site breaches the LEP height restrictions of 16m under the LEP.There is a distinct lack of any justifiable reason to overdevelop this site.
  2. DCP has not been adhered to requiring a 5m setback as envisaged under the DCP on level 3 for Vic Rd and level 4 for Massey Lane as a secondary street under the DCP.
  3. Traffic Report: No traffic Report has been submitted for this DA, yet envisages the use of Massey Lane as the main access point to the car park.
  4. Vehicular access inconsistencies: There are discrepancies within the plans of where the Vehicular access to the carparkwill be in the DA being a mix of either the southern or northern entrance from Massey lane.
  5. Car Space: lack of sufficient car spaces and its unclear how retail center will be supported if the council car park at GSV was unavailable.
  6. Amenity: it’s unclear how the existing infrastructure will support the increased population especially the cumulative impact of the other proposed DA.

DA 20171183 (Commonwealth Bank site)

  1. Traffic: This DA at least sought to provide a traffic report, however it is a report completed standalone without consideration of the cumulative effects of the other potential Das. Given the potential increase in traffic from all the DAs this traffic report grossly understates the potential impact. The traffic report also only measured traffic flow on a single day of the year which may or may not reflect the actual average flow into and out of GSV on any given day. The Traffic report assumes that there will be available off space parking at the council car park and GSV and does not take into consideration the other developments – let alone on the key site will remove a significant portion of free council parking.
  2. LEP: To this DA credit, the design seeks to meet the LEP and FSR requirements. The building slants downwards from Vic road in an attempt to meet the height requirements as outlined in the LEP (as opposed to the DA at BSW and the Gladesville Arcade) and provides sensible reasons (i.e. lift well, fire stairs etc.) for when it does breach the height restrictions, further they have consolidated potential height breaches in the middle of the building to reduce footprint on the surrounding area.
  3. Heritage item: This DA has at least sought to maintain the unique Commonwealth Bank art deco design at the front of Victoria Road.
  4. Amenity: it’s unclear how the existing infrastructure will support the increased population especially the cumulative impact of the other proposed DA.

Reminder: GSV information meeting Tuesday 27th Feb at 6:30 p.m.

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the Information Meeting to learn about what the owner of Gladesville Shopping ‘Village’ wants to do with the site will be held (next week):
On Tuesday 27th February
Starting at 6:30pm
At Hunter Hill Council

This is the opportunity to find out about the plans to increase the maximum hight on the site from ~10 storeys (34 metres) to ~16-18 storeys (54 metres). And how many extra flats should be jammed onto that one site (180 in the original DA, more like 250 if they get their amendments through) with an in increase in floor-space-ratio.

You can find more information on Hunters Hill Council’s website, at:

There aren’t many opportunities left for us to reduce the severity of the overdevelopment of Gladesville, so we hope to see you there.

From the team at Gladesville Community Group.

GSV redevelopment meeting + Boarding house site visit by Commissioner

* GSV meeting at Hunters Hill Council building to be held 27th February
* Boarding house at 126 Victoria Rd, LEC on-site meeting was held 12th February

Hi Everyone,

SAVE THE DATE – Meeting about Gladesville Shopping ‘Village’ (GSV) redevelopment

Please diarise: Tuesday 27th February from 6:30pm at Hunters Hill council building – 22 Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill. There will be a meeting held, to provide information to interested parties.

We are disappointed that the community has not been updated on the last 12-18 months of activity, and not given an opportunity to learn about the complexities of the planning system where the Council and state government appointed bodies play different roles in different situations, as was intended to happen at the meeting resolved by Hunters Hill Council to be held initially before Christmas, and then (sensibly) deferred to the new year. The meeting will now occur part way through the exhibition period, so everyone will be trying to understand the planning system and context of the application, as well as the details of the proposal itself, and then get organised to make submissions – within a tighter timeline.

The consultation period for the developer’s intended change to allow extra height and floor-space-ratio at the GSV site runs from 21st February until closing date for submissions – being 20th March.

We will provide more information when we are able, but the important point is to pleasesave the date for that meeting, and let friends know about it – if they are concerned about over-development in Gladesville. This is one development (or intended increase in development from 10 to 16/18 storeys) where we hope that public attention can create a less-worse outcome. It will not always be possible to influence the scale of development, understanding that most of the 5-6 storey development on Victoria Road will continue – because the planning controls allow it on most sites.

126 Victoria Rd redevelopment: Boarding House site visit by LEC Commissioner and meeting

Yesterday at 9:30 am on Monday 12th February, a Commissioner from the Land and Environment Court attended the site of the proposed redevelopment and received presentations from concerned residents.

Apart from representatives of the applicant, of Council, and the Court, there were about 12-15 people present, presumably concerned members of the community. That’s quite a good turn-out considering most people have to be at work at that time. Approximately 6 presentations were given, generally from residents, some immediate neighbours and others from streets away, with key concerns being adequacy of parking (including cumulative impact on street parking) and features of the application including the reliance on the vehicle lift/turning disc to allow access to the lower parking floor. The site only offers 12 car parking spaces for 58 rooms, and there was concern that fear of mechanical failure could discourage residents from using the lower parking level. There was also some concern or confusion about whether the project deserves special consideration as an affordable housing initiative, but as far as we could tell it is simply a normal commercial project but to create smaller living spaces than normal multi-unit dwellings – which is not surprising given the high cost per square meter as housing has become so expensive in Sydney. The logic of assuming a low rate of vehicle ownership was challenged.

Along with other valid comments, the following extracts from Gladesville resident Warren Bell’s presentation are representative of the concerns and views expressed, broadly.

“However, the lack of an on-site manager’s residence and the apparent lack of any specialised facilities or support suggest that this proposal is for a boarding house open to any potential resident including those who own a motor vehicle.

The ABS Motor Vehicle Census, Australia 9309.0 dated 31 January 2015 recorded that in NSW the number of motor vehicles registered per 1000 population was 696 or 69.6%. This suggests that the 116 residents proposed could generate the need for parking for 80 additional vehicles of which only 12 are provided for within the building.”

“This development takes the opportunity of revenues through the provision high density accommodation without taking responsibility for the impact on the local traffic and parking which is already under significant stress.”

We are grateful to Ryde Council for refusing the initial application, which is why the matter has progressed to the Land and Environment Court. As Gladesville residents well know, there is a lot of redevelopment in progress and coming – adding more residents, cars, and parking demand to every street – across two different Council areas so there is no single authority responsible for ensuring that the end result leaves Gladesville functional. Ryde Council’s rejection of the proposal was a welcome protection, where the cumulative impact of developments will intensify problems created by any one project.

From the team at Gladesville Community Group

DA’s available on HHC website!

Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to be able to advise that the supporting information for the 3 x DA’s on Victoria Road (which we wrote about yesteday) are now available online on Hunters Hill Council’s website.

They are listed in the News section on Council’s website, at:

Over time the News links will be replaced with newer content, so the DA files are at these links – for your reference.

We appreciate Council’s attention to making this information conveniently available to interested parties.

Boarding House + HHC Meeting + more DA’s

Dear Subscribers,

Boarding house development at 126 Victoria Rd, Gladesville – (next to the Tennis Ranch)

A controversial 58 room boarding house is proposed to be developed on Victoria Rd, in the section between the Caltex and the Tennis Ranch.

As reported in the Northern District Times (link below), a meeting will be held on Monday 12th February at 9:30am when a Land and Environment Court Commissioner will attend the site and hear from residents.

The original plans described on Ryde Council’s DA tracking website (link below) as being for 66 rooms, but with parking for only 14 vehicles. From the Northern District Times article we understand that the number of rooms proposed has been reduced to 58, but we are unsure of any change to the number of parking spaces to be provided.

As residents of Gladesville are acutely aware from sites already redeveloped, and those in progress or yet to commence, there is already high demand and competition for on-street parking. Each additional site adds further demand, especially if the parking provisions in the DA aren’t adequate for the reality of vehicle ownership of residents who live in Gladesville – recognising that transport links other than to the City or Victoria Rd corridor are quite limited.

Please note the Northern District Times article advises that submissions may be made to Ryde Council until Monday 5th February. Ryde Council can be contacted on 9952 8222 to confirm how you can send your submission on Monday (tomorrow). Please also note that the on-site meeting will be held the following Monday 12th February at 9:30am if you would like to attend.

Hunters Hill Council – Information Meeting to advise residents about the last 12-18 months of activities related to Gladesville Shopping ‘Village’ (GSV) and the planning context

We look forward to a better working relationship with the new Council elected 2017, including the information meeting resolved to be held – originally in December but deferred to February due to the tight timing before Christmas.

Unlike the past, when the public would have a significant DA dumped on us and no prior explanation or education about the planning system, it will be helpful to have the context and planning system explained before the narrow window of consultation starts.

Although there hasn’t been much update to the public, we do understand that the applicant (owner of GSV and adjacent land that was publicly owned until 2016) has been busy preparing amendment(s) that they’re seeking to Hunters Hill Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) – which controls building heights and floor-space ratios (bulk). The LEP already allows height that equates to 10 storeys, but we believe that they want 16-18 storeys. The public are right to be concerned, understanding that there is already a lot of 5-6 storey development occurring along Victoria Road.

We understand that it is normal for the Council’s planning staff to meet and discuss with applicants who are preparing applications, but the problem in the past was that – even though Council knew it was coming and knew people would be interested but would reasonably require some education on the planning system and how to properly participate (lodge submissions in support or against, raising their concerns effectively) – there really wasn’t much if anything done to help the public until the clock was already ticking. It will be a welcome change that Council will dedicate some of the rate-payers-funded resources not just to working with the applicant, but also to educating the public and helping us to have some say over what happens in our local community.

This new way of operating, where Hunters Hill Council actually helps the community by dedicating some effort to educating residents instead of only working with the applicant developers, could really help change the sentiment in Gladesville – where amalgamation really wasn’t as concerning a prospect as it was for the peninsula.

For reference:
* The original resolution from meeting 4430 held 27th November 2017 was “That a meeting be held with Gladesville residents to provide an update on the status of the Gladesville Shopping Village site, its planning context and environment, prior to Christmas.”
* The meeting was agreed to be deferred at meeting 4431 held 11th December “That Council defer the planned Community Information Meeting on the Gladesville Shopping Village until early 2018.”

Other large DA’s in Gladesville (Hunters Hill Council ‘side’) recently lodged – submissions due 2nd March

* DA 2017-1183: 219-221 Victoria Rd (Comm Bank site): 5 storey shop top housing
* DA 2017-1197: 223-227 Victoria Rd (Glades Arcade + OB Cuts site): 30 residential + 10 retail unit shop top housing
* DA 2017-1199: 233-235 Victoria Rd (BWS site): 24 residential + 3 retail unit shop top housing

Please email us if you would like a copy of the single A4 page plan for each DA that Council sent with the notification letters.

Because Hunters Hill Council doesn’t operate a portal from which documents can be downloaded (Lane Cove Council does), the notification letter states that plans and supporting documentation can be viewed at Council between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

We realise that a lot of people in Gladesville have to work full time, so we will request electronic copies of the files from Council and also provide them to you by email upon request – if supplied to us by Council.


If your friends would like to join the mailing list please advise them to email us