Incorporation of Gladesville Community Group, and withdrawal of DA for GSV

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch, but we have good news to share.

The Gladesville Community Group is now an Incorporated Association. This means that those who support and agree with the work we’ve done so far can show this by becoming members, and we’ll be in touch soon with the invitation to do exactly that. It also means we have a Constitution, a Committee, and a bit more formality to how we operate. Members who want to get more involved will be welcome, of course, but for those who just support what we stand for – Membership will be the way to show it.

The other good news is that the Applicant has withdrawn the Development Application for the Gladesville Shopping ‘Village’ redevelopment (DA 2013-1036). We expect that they will lodge a new application. We hope that this time around they will undertake meaningful public consultation, and come with a higher quality design. We believe there’s still a lot to be done to improve the planning controls to the standard deserved by this site and community, and to protect the timber cottage at 10 Cowell Street (as was expected when the draft Local Environment Plan for 2012 was exhibited).

Congratulations and thank you to all of you who spoke up against the DA that was lodged, by attending the consultation meetings, discussing with friends and neighbours, and making submissions to Council. Whilst we celebrate this achievement along the way, it’s certainly not over yet. We look forward to your support as we continue to work together to ensure that the redevelopment of the Gladesville commercial precinct leaves our community better-off, not worse-off.