Hunters Hill Trust AGM Thursday 28th April 7pm

Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick email to let everyone know that the Annual General Meeting of the Hunters Hill Trust will be on THIS Thursday (28th April) at 7.00pm at the RSL Hall, corner of Ady and Alexandra Sts, Hunters Hill.

The Hunters Hill Trust is a community group that has been advocating outcomes for the community whilst preserving our natural and built heritage . The Trust has acted against un-checked development, protected our parks and public lands (Kelly’s bush), and called a spade a spade when Hunters Hill Council was not looking after the community properly.

In 2013 when we became aware of the actions of Hunters Hill Council that had created the ability for the owner of Gladesville Shopping Village to acquire the timber cottage at 10 Cowell Street; that Council had failed to resolve the outstanding question of a heritage listing; and that planning instruments were redesigned to be more developer-friendly – we were relieved to find that the Hunters Hill Trust was already on the case. While the rest of us were napping, the near-50-year-old community group was already publishing useful information and lobbying for a better outcome.

Please show your support. If you’re not already a member, please join at the link below, and come along on Thursday night and meet some like-minded people who care for our community and futureĀ

A word of caution: the issue of council amalgamations has been contentious. Some members have been highly critical and aggressive towards the current Committee members because the Trust did not throw its full weight against amalgamation. The Committee of the Trust resolved to focus its attention on the substantive issues affected by amalgamation, rather than get into the emotive arguments – and respect that members would each decide their own opinion on the proposed amalgamations. “It will be nice to see these guys gone and get a proper Council” might not be the safest opening line when introducing yourself to new people.