Resonsible development

Calling for Responsible Development

Below was published after lodgement of DA 2013-1036 for redevelopment of the Gladesville Shoppping ‘Village’.


Gladesville Community Group has never been anti-development, but opposes development which is not responsible. The proposed redevelopment of the Gladesville Shopping Village would unnecessarily reduce amenity for existing residents, customers of local businesses, school children and their parents, and other members of the community who visit Gladesville. Approving the redevelopment as proposed in Development Application 2013-1036 would provide excess financial returns to the developer, to the detriment of the wider community.


Gladesville Community  Group calls for development which is appropriate in the context of the significant increase in population expected along the Victoria Road corridor, as supported by the Gladesville Master Plan – developed jointly by Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils.


The large number of developments which have recently been approved, or are currently moving through the planning approval process (on both sides of Victoria Road in Gladesville) will significantly increase the resident population, directly increasing the demand for parking and increasing traffic flows.


This development is the first of its size and under the Gladesville Master Plan, and we must expect future developments to treat the redevelopment of the Gladesville Shopping Village as a precedent. Gladesville Community Group believe this redevelopment must set the standard in quality of design and integration with the existing environment.


The 3 key areas in which we call for the design for the proposed redevelopment to be improved are; 1) parking, 2) streetscape, and 3) traffic management.

Streetscape: we call for the development to respect local heritage and character. The current design for the proposed redevelopment seeks to remove the timber cottage at Number 10 Cowell St, and build a 14m+ sheer façade set back only centimetres from the footpath in its place. The lack of setback from boundaries adjacent to residential neighbours would push this increased commercial development right up to them, which is grossly out of keeping with the established neighbourhood. The existing walls and inadequate footpaths beside the building in Flagstaff Street are to be retained in the design as submitted. We call for the preservation of the local character of Gladesville, and for the development on this site to be consistent with the remainder of the Hunters Hill Municipality.

Parking: the redevelopment must provide sufficient parking to accommodate all staff and customers, as well as all residential tenants and their visitors, without competing for the diminishing parking available on surrounding streets. This is essential in the context of numerous other developments nearby.

Traffic Management: the redevelopment must ensure that vehicular traffic flows facilitate smooth entry and exit, ensure pedestrian safety, and minimise the impact on neighbouring residents. The development must incorporate the best, not simply the cheapest, management of traffic flows. GladesvilleCommunity requires results of traffic studies to be made available, and for further investigation of options, which minimise the distance from Victoria Road that vehicles will travel while entering and exiting.