Flagstaff Street boarding house – send submission today

Hi everyone,

With a very short exhibition time, today is the day to send your comments to Hunters Hill Council about the Development Application (DA) for a boarding house in Flagstaff Street.

A boarding house Development was proposed for 126 Victoria Road (the site just below Tennis Ranch) on the Ryde Council side of Gladesville, and Ryde Council refused it.

If you have concerns about this proposed Development in Flagstaff Street, please send an email today to council@huntershill.nsw.gov.au today. Even 1 sentence counts and it’s better than missing your chance!

The reference is DA 2018-1009 for 2 Flagstaff Street. The documents are available at http://www.huntershill.nsw.gov.au/Page/Page.aspx?Page_Id=1331.

You may have other or additional concerns, but we draw your attention to:

* The development proposes to have 12 boarding rooms / units and a manager’s residence, but only has 4 parking spaces.

* Small sizes of room and low rental cost does not mean that occupants won’t have cars. Vehicle ownership in NSW was recorded as 696 vehicles per 1,000 population in 2015. With 12 rooms, if they have 2 people in each plus 1 on-site manager, that’s 25 residents x 69.6% = 17 vehicles (rounded down). Flagstaff Street has no on-street parking. Where will they park?

* This development has windows and balconies along the boundaries facing the neighbouring blocks. We are concerned that this might give rise to objection if a neighbour intends to redevelop to height, but the design of this building and creation of 12 units requiring light might unfairly limit or prevent perfectly reasonable development from being undertaken next door. Such a concern was raised against the 126 Victoria Rd DA and the developer amended plans to address that concern.

* Is this development consistent with Hunters Hill Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP)’s objectives and desired character for streetscape and landscaping?