Reminder about tonight’s GSV meeting, 10 Cowell St ‘Timber cottage’, and Councillor Gary Bird

Hi Everyone,

Architectus Meeting
We hope to see you tonight at Council Chambers from 7pm for the meeting with Architectus.
This should be a useful meeting, to evaluate whether Council staff have done enough in preceding years to manage the Conflict of Interest that the Council has in the GSV development.
Even though the Relevant Consent Authority for this DA will be the State Government appointed Joint Regional Planning Panel, the Development Control Plans against which the DA will be evaluated were written by Hunters Hill Council over preceding years. It’s important for us to understand exactly what role Architectus are playing in this process, to see whether Council’s conflict of interest has been managed EFFECTIVELY.
The details of tonight’s meeting are available at the bottom of this page.
10 Cowell Street – the Timber Cottage
It has surprised many people that the cottage was not Heritage Listed. A local resident who has researched this issue extensively has provided with the timeline posted on this page, which makes for interesting reading.
Councillor Gary Bird
Councillor Bird provided this formal declaration of his Conflict of Interest, and the consequences.
I have formally declared a Conflict of Interest in the DA2013-1036 Gladesville Shopping Centre.
I will continue to attend information evenings, formal and informal council briefings. However I will not be taking part in any debate or decision making forum regarding this development application. I will remove myself from such interactions with councillors and council staff, and I will make all reasonable efforts to refrain from using my position as a councillor to influence community opinion in relation to this matter.
I do not agree with this situation.  I was elected by the community to represent them in such matters and have been advised that I can no longer fulfil this duty.  I cannot describe my anger and disappointment.