Greens MP David Shoebridge applies for Heritage listing of 10 Cowell Street

Hi Everyone,

We are extremely happy to report that following recent presentations from concerned members of Sydney’s heritage community, David Shoebridge, Member of the NSW Legislative Council has written to the Hon. Robyn Parker MP, NSW Minister for Heritage and Environment calling for urgent protection of 10 Cowell St, Gladesville.

David’s concerns reflect those of several members of the community (including elected to Council) who have repeatedly called for the immediate heritage protection of 10 Cowell St, a site over which the Development Applicant proposes to extend the Gladesville Shopping Village shopping centre.

In recent communications to the Minister, David was quoted as saying “I urge you to take prompt action to give interim, and in due course final, heritage protection for this priceless part of our State’s history”.

We trust that Hunters Hill Councillors will support the request to the minister for State Heritage protection, ensuring that this last remaining example of our architectural heritage is retained in-situ for the value and enjoyment of future generations to come.

We are grateful to David for this action. We view this as the decisive use of his position to influence government to act in accordance of the wishes of the community, as expressed in the submissions regarding the GSV Development Application.