Hunters Hill Council approves legal action against amalgamation to cost $150K-$400K with <50% chance of success

(a) Hunters Hill Council has moved to commence legal action against the State Government to fight proposed amalgamation plans;
(b) This is expected to cost in excess of $150K BEFORE allowing for costs of paying the state government’s costs – with the possibility of success described in Council’s own report as being less than 50%;
(c) Mayor Richard Quinn, Deputy Mayor Justine McLaughlin, Clr Dr Meredith Sheil, Clr Peter Astridge, and Clr Mark Bennett voted in favour of the motion;
(d) Community support was allegedly the primary reason for pushing forward

DO YOU support HHC spending $150-$400K on a court case with little or no prospects of success?
Would you prefer to see that money spent in our community?